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Hi all,

Last Wednesday, (the 23 of April). I had a dream. This dream had me at school, checking the Ambrosia Software website, where then had announced the release of Aquaria for Mac. Aquaria is a cool side scroller, the windows version of which, was made by Bit-Blot. When I woke up from this dream, I got up, and checked the Ambrosia Upcoming Page. Ambrosia’s Upcoming Page is where the Ambrosia team say what games they have coming up in the near future, along with beta, alpha, and release candidate information, plus a little blurb on the game or utility. The page said that the game was in closed beta, when it had previously been in alpha. It included a link to a thread on the Ambrosia Forums where you could get more information. I clicked on the link, wanting to get into the closed beta. This thread had information on where I could email, what to put in the title, and what to put in the body, if I wanted to apply to be a beta tester. I, of course, sent off my email detailing the needed information. Here is a transcript:

I have an iMac core 2 duo, and a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel. I have the latest version of tiger (10.4.10 or 11).

I really hope that I get to beta test. I had a dream that evolved aquaria, so I check the website.

-Indigo Casson

Yeah, I was in a hurry. For the rest of Wednesday, and most of thursday, I waited, check my email constantly. finally, at 4:44, on Thursday, Apr 24, 2008, I got the email. It said that I was accepted, and I would be getting an email in about a week. I told my family, and now I wait. Still no email as of 4:18, on Saturday, the 26th.