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Aquaria #2

Hi all,


Well, we are on beta 3 of aquaria, and the beta testers have gotten licenses  to go beyond the demo area. This is very exciting and I have gotten pretty far. I am stuck on the fish cave, and how to get the song, and also on the Sun Temple boss. Thinking of getting an account on the Bit-Blot forums to ask for help.

     About 5 more weeks until school starts, This year should be better than last, had the worst teacher I ever had last year, any way, enough of chatting, let’s get talking.

    At the end of the year, I had promised my self that I would buy a variety of things, including Guild Wars. Now GW is a windows only  game, but, I have CrossOver Games. CrossOver is a port of Wine to mac, the version I got was made specifically for games. My name character’s name is Indigo Casson, if anybody wants to say hello.

     I have found a very nice wordpress theme called Duffy. It looks very nice and has a kind of olden time look, as well as a kind of fantasy medieval theme. If you search on google for “infocreek free wordpress themes”, you should get it, it is about the second theme down on the list. Unfortunately, I cannot use my own themes on, so I must wait for until I have a website of my own.


Good Luck,