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So, there has been some descussionn on the interblag (yes, I read xkcd) about KDE 4. Some people love it, some people hate it, and I don’t like it. It might be the wierd start menu, or the inability to change mouse settings, or the fact that my heart is one size too small. What ever it is, it doesn’t fit.

I went on a window manager rampage, as soon as I learned how to choose the window manager from the login screen. I also install xfce, and decided not to use it, also for the inability to change mouse settings. On all linuxes except ones specialy configured, the mouse on my Acer moves at blinding speed, making the laptop unusable for about 15 minutes, after which I have sort of agusted to it, and it now only over shoots buttons half of the time, as oposed to 90 percent of the time. This also happens in puppy linux.

Windows is completely broken. It is unable to resist suspending the laptop for 3 seconds. I believe is is something to do with the LCD cable, the part the acer people replaced in Texas. So, now I hate windows. Bad windows, BAD!



.bin files on Linux

Merry Christmas!

As you  may know, I got the acer back today, and I instaled linux, ubuntu to be exact, and I needed to install java. It came in .bin file type, and ubuntu hadn’t a clue what to do with it. Now, once, when I was downloading java, i accidentaly viewed it as a text file instead of downloading it. Well, the first part I recognized as a bash script. Following the bash script, was some inane giberish. Now, what do you do to this? Well, first, we know it’s a script, but it doesn’t have the permissions to run it. So, we have to use chmod. It doesn’t matter what the permissions you put on it, as long as you can exicute it. My favorite is:

chmod 711 ...

This enables you to read write, and exicute, but everybody else can only read. Next, we have to go into the terminal. Navigate to where you have the .bin file, and type:

./[the .bin file]

In the case of the java file, you are presented with a long license. You should probbly read this. After that, the ask you to agree to the liscense. After that, when you say yes, it will do what it takes to place the archive in the folder. Done


edit: it turns out that these are called “self extracting archives.” I didn’t know this at the creation of the article/

Acer Laptop


So, I recently got an Acer netbook, an Acer Aspire One, to be exact. It was BoB, or Broken out of Box. The screen was VERY wierd. Only about half of it worked, with the other half either showing nothing or mirroring pixels. Quite wierd. So I sent in in for repair, and I haven’t got it back yet. Can’t wait for it, I am trying to choose between installing Fedora 10, and Ubuntu. Anybody have anything to weigh in on that?