Switching to the zsh SHell

As you know, I have a laptop running Ubuntu 8.10. A while ago, I installed the shell, zsh. I had first heard of zsh from the live CD distro, SystemRescueCd. It used a nice installation of zsh, and I wanted to use it on my Ubuntu machine. I installed zsh, and went through the configuration. I must have done something wrong, because the zsh that started the next time I started zsh looked nothing like the zsh that I saw on the live CD. I abandoned the project for some time, until I thought of an answer. I would start SystemRescueCD, copy the zsh config files to a pendrive, copy the config files from the pendrive to the Ubuntu laptop, place them in the correct spot, and hope. It worked perfectly. I now have a working version of zsh, and it has become my shell of choice! It’s power, flexability, coloring, and command auto- correction has made me a fan of zsh. I love it!. It’s so fun! -Indigo

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