Deady and irc bots.

I recently got involved in the creation of irc bots. It is common knowledge that my language of choice is ruby, so I set about making a bot in ruby. None of my friends had used ruby, they had used perl and PHP. I got an IRC library, and improved it, adding support for joining channels after the MOTD, a problem which was afflicting my bot (it wouldn’t always join the channels) an added support of auto-joining mutliple channels. I am currently working on a weapons system and dice bag. I then forked the project, and created Deady, a hellish irc bot. Deady is just like my other IRC bot, only Deady is contained in a single file, which you can download here. Deady utilzes ruby’s random number generator to generate a random name. It then joins the specified channels, and sits, doing nothing. However, if somebody says:

Deady will say: botsnack, starting a vicious cycle where each deady will say botsnack, causing the other one to say botsnack, and causing all the other bots in the channel to respond with thier proper botsnack response (typicaly “:D.”) Though it has not been tested in a real world enviroment, I trust it works well. You can visit my nice bot, RBHellfire, on #bots on He doesn’t do much yet.


    • Jercos
    • June 17th, 2009

    Am I not a friend? I’ve used Ruby, I just criticize it like i criticize any language that is not my current choice. I just simply see Python as capable with a lot of syntactical downsides, Perl as a perfect language for anything I do (I do text processing, Perl does text processing. match made in heaven.), PHP as a language meant for adding logins and hit counters to websites, and Ruby as Object Overload, with a side of unqualified method calls.

    But I respect it at least as much as Python, otherwise I wouldn’t bother getting creative about dissing it :P Speaking of which, I’d like to see one of deady’s snackfloods… Can’t be quite as bad as my old snackbot that would respond to :D with botsnack… Not to mention the saybots.

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