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Installing linux on an ibook

My sister used to have an old, clamshell ibook before she got her new computer. I had had my eye on it for linux instalation. At the last lug, I installed Xubuntu. After getting a few things working, and learning how to change the dns servers from the command line, I installed several windowmanagers: blackbox, fluxbox, and openbox. After trying each of them, I settled on fluxbox as the main window manager. I fixed a small empty menu problem (My menu was empty, so I copied one of the example ones and off I went), and noting the one second start time, I got down to building my menu. After reading up on fluxbox menu syntax, I added a few submenus, and some items. Fun. Everything is working fine!

DNS Problem and Solution

For some time, I have had a problem. My computer has failed, for some time, to aquire the proper DNS server from the wireless router. However, it only happens on some wireless networks. So, I signed up for OpenDNS, and I use it frequently. However, whenever my computer suspends, I lose my dns settings on these networks. So, I wrote a shell script to add OpenDNS to my DNS settings. The Script:

echo Contents of /etc/resolv.conf:
cat /etc/resolv.conf
echo Replace dns with open dns, press enter. Otherwise, press ^C.
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf
echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf
echo Done. New contents of /etc/resolv.conf
cat /etc/resolv.conf
echo Happy?

The first few lines prints out /etc/resolv.conf, and asks whether the file has open dns or not. If you press enter, it is given to a junk variable, and it continues. ^C to cancel. It then replaces /etc/resolv.conf with te first OpenDNS server, then adds the second. It then prints out the file to make sure, then exits. Rather useful.