Installing linux on an ibook

My sister used to have an old, clamshell ibook before she got her new computer. I had had my eye on it for linux instalation. At the last lug, I installed Xubuntu. After getting a few things working, and learning how to change the dns servers from the command line, I installed several windowmanagers: blackbox, fluxbox, and openbox. After trying each of them, I settled on fluxbox as the main window manager. I fixed a small empty menu problem (My menu was empty, so I copied one of the example ones and off I went), and noting the one second start time, I got down to building my menu. After reading up on fluxbox menu syntax, I added a few submenus, and some items. Fun. Everything is working fine!

    • Jercos
    • June 17th, 2009

    <3 flwm, But yeah, fluxbox is pretty damn awesome too. Side note: have you thought about using OpenID, gravatar, and captchas here?

    • Yup, flwm is pretty awesome. No, I have not. Can you do that on the free wordpress sites?

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