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Life now

hi all

As most of you are, I am sure, in school, so am I. School is alright, etc. I am reading ghe third book of the Inheritance trilogy, Brisinger, and I might beat the record for reading it in my circles of three days, cool. I don’t know if you know, but I am making great use of Google Docs for word prossessing, because if I used word, the best solution they (the tech people at my school) have is “email it to your self,” which I hate because it gums up my inbox, and use a flash stick, which I might lose. Anyway, so long.




Aquaria #2

Hi all,


Well, we are on beta 3 of aquaria, and the beta testers have gotten licenses  to go beyond the demo area. This is very exciting and I have gotten pretty far. I am stuck on the fish cave, and how to get the song, and also on the Sun Temple boss. Thinking of getting an account on the Bit-Blot forums to ask for help.

     About 5 more weeks until school starts, This year should be better than last, had the worst teacher I ever had last year, any way, enough of chatting, let’s get talking.

    At the end of the year, I had promised my self that I would buy a variety of things, including Guild Wars. Now GW is a windows only  game, but, I have CrossOver Games. CrossOver is a port of Wine to mac, the version I got was made specifically for games. My name character’s name is Indigo Casson, if anybody wants to say hello.

     I have found a very nice wordpress theme called Duffy. It looks very nice and has a kind of olden time look, as well as a kind of fantasy medieval theme. If you search on google for “infocreek free wordpress themes”, you should get it, it is about the second theme down on the list. Unfortunately, I cannot use my own themes on, so I must wait for until I have a website of my own.


Good Luck,



New stuff in Life

Hi all


Still no new news from Ambrosia. While browsing the thread where the aquaria beta testers hang out until the beta is released, it was mentioned that CodeWeavers have released CrossOver. With it, they made CrossOver Games. CrossOver Games is design specifically for games and for the ones they support, it works perfectly. Now, there is a linux and mac version, so I can test the app. For a long time, some friends of mine have played Guild Wars for some time. Now me, not having the required PC, couldn’t play with them. I went through a tenuous time during last summer because I was trying to duel boot my mac using Boot Camp, so I could play Guild Wars with them. This failed, and the only reason I didn’t blog about this is because I had a back up, so I didn’t lose anything really important. So, when I heard that I might be able to play with them, I immediately downloaded and installed the app. I had an old Guild Wars installer lying around from some experiments with my other, out dated, PC (these didn’t work.) I gave the app the installer, and after hanging around for a bit, it spit out a working version of Guild Wars. I could see the login screen, read the news, even look longingly at the place where I might put in my access code. But no, I didn’t have any access code, so I quit the app. Then I remembered that my friends might have had some demo keys for Guild Wars lying about, so I asked them if they did. They said that they didn’t have any keys, and that they were amazed that I had gotten GW working on my mac. I tried some other apps, but they didn’t work, so, I tried installing Half Life 2. Well, I needed an installer for that, and I didn’t want to go hunting for one, so I gave up that. I also tried the PC version of Aquaria, but that wouldn’t install, so I am back to square two, because I have a way, to play a game, just I don’t have a game. Well, thats all for now, bye!




A.K.A Geeklob


Hi all,

Last Wednesday, (the 23 of April). I had a dream. This dream had me at school, checking the Ambrosia Software website, where then had announced the release of Aquaria for Mac. Aquaria is a cool side scroller, the windows version of which, was made by Bit-Blot. When I woke up from this dream, I got up, and checked the Ambrosia Upcoming Page. Ambrosia’s Upcoming Page is where the Ambrosia team say what games they have coming up in the near future, along with beta, alpha, and release candidate information, plus a little blurb on the game or utility. The page said that the game was in closed beta, when it had previously been in alpha. It included a link to a thread on the Ambrosia Forums where you could get more information. I clicked on the link, wanting to get into the closed beta. This thread had information on where I could email, what to put in the title, and what to put in the body, if I wanted to apply to be a beta tester. I, of course, sent off my email detailing the needed information. Here is a transcript:

I have an iMac core 2 duo, and a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel. I have the latest version of tiger (10.4.10 or 11).

I really hope that I get to beta test. I had a dream that evolved aquaria, so I check the website.

-Indigo Casson

Yeah, I was in a hurry. For the rest of Wednesday, and most of thursday, I waited, check my email constantly. finally, at 4:44, on Thursday, Apr 24, 2008, I got the email. It said that I was accepted, and I would be getting an email in about a week. I told my family, and now I wait. Still no email as of 4:18, on Saturday, the 26th.


Mining in EVE Online And Cargo Containers

Well, this morning I played eve online. i managed to make about 150,000 ISK (InterStellar Kredits). At this rate, i should have enough for a strip miner (1.5 mil ISK) in about 10 days. by that time, i should have a hauler (iteron class probably) and a lot of ISK. from there, i don’t know. maybe a battle ship? or an exHummer? who knows.

I also experimented with cargo containers today. a cargo container is a box that holds thing and hangs in space. i have 2 that i used tor ore deposit and collection. this increases my output per cycle, but it also increases time per cycle. that means that it takes longer to make the money than normal. but, seeing as i sell off all my ore when i log off, that really isn’t a problem. here is the workflow for maximum ore output

  1. depart from station with cargo containers empty.
  2. warp to astroid field.
  3. chooses astroid patch for day and start mining.
  4. when you have a small amount of ore, jettison the a cargo container and deposit ore into container.
  5. repeat step 4 until cargo containers are full and cargo hold is full
  6. warp to home base (the station where all your stuff is)
  7. deposit ore in cargo hold into station hold.
  8. go back to astroid field and collect ore in cargo containers (floating in space)
  9. mine more ore in there is space left over in cargo hold
  10. warp back home base and deposit ore
  11. repeat steps 8, 9, and 10 until cargo containers are empty
  12. repeat steps 2 through 11 until you have enough ore or you have to log off.
  13. warp to astroid belt. pick up empty cargo containers.
  14. mine for ore until all space is filled (this is so that no empty space is wasted)
  15. warp back to home base and deposit ore and containers
  16. repeat steps 13 through 15 until all cargo containers are back at Home Base.
  17. stack all the ore into a single stack.
  18. from there, you can sell it, reprocess it, “ore” put it to use in a project

that is how i mine ore with cargo containers in EVE online. you can see these steps here. Have Fun!-Indigo