Obscuring Information in Function Calls

While the usefulness of this is questionable, it is possible to obscure valid information in a bogus function call. Check out the following code:

class Example
	def new(*args)
		puts "Got data: " + args[1] if method_name == :new

You can then write the following code:

Example.new("", 1342)

And it should print out “”. What’s more, the actual call looks like an internet connection, not something that might print something. Again, the usefulness of this is questionably, but it could be useful.


Announcing BerryConf

I am pleased to announce BerryConf!

BerryConf is a simple but easy to use Java library for parsing and managing configuration files! It’s still in beta, but it works well, and I’m using a very similar system in one of my latest projects, which I can’t say a whole lot about, but It is looking quite cool. So anyway, check out BerryConf if you’re looking for such a library.

Java 6 on the Mac

I’ve been playing Minecraft a lot (which is a really cool procedural survival adventure game) and there is a thriving modding community surrounding it, featuring simulators, map editors, inventory editors, etc. Continue reading

Hawking Radiation

$ cat /usr/share/dict/words > /dev/null

Steam for Mac

I got Steam for mac! Not only that, but Portal, also for mac, is free on steam until May 28th. Now I’m playing Portal, and I’m loving it.

Tons of new projects, but one major one.

I am working on a lot of programing projects over break, but one major one is going to see most of my attention. It is called Rorth, and it is an interpreted, stack based language based on Forth. You can find it at http://github.com/indigo747/Rorth The latest version, 0.1.1, works. Hazzah. Everything else is pretty bare bones at this point.

Like a novel

So you know how in stories the brash, stupid young hero, usually a mage, learns of forbidden knowledge and reaches higher than he should? I feel sort of like that, only with out the terrible retribution. In my continued quest to build a java game around simulating a farm (a recent project,) I have separated game logic from the gui, as a good programmer should, and built the game logic. Well, I’m sure I’m going to add more to it, but I think it’s pretty finished. OK, I have barely worked on it, and it needs a lot of work. However, I wanted a nice an interface to play the game with. So I reached for the forbidden and arcane knowledge of gui creation, and I reached for it by taking a short cut through NetBeans, and I can tell you, it hasn’t been fun. Really. More than that, a command line interface also eluded me some how, with infinite loops and no input everywhere. I feel properly chastised. I guess I’ll go sit in a corner.